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Order your PAP supplies online!

Sleep Central, a Rotech company providers a full line of supplies for patients being treated with CPAP, BIPAP, and NIPPV equipment. Call 800-288-1853 for your replacement supplies:

     • Masks                   • Nasal Pillows
     • Tubing                   • Head Gear
     • Filters


Rotech companies provide patients with a full line of medical and respiratory supplies necessary to use the equipment ordered by your physician.

Contact a Rotech company near you for assistance in obtaining the supplies
you need for a more comfortable and enjoyable life.


As a leading provider of respiratory products and care, Rotech companies are commited to educate patients on the benefits of using nebulizers to treat their breathing conditions, and to assist patients in obtaining the maximum benefits nebulizer medications can provide.

For many patients, nebulizers provide the most effective, efficient, and economical means of delivering medications to help them breathe easier. Pulmo-Dose, a Rotech pharmacy, provides patients with nebulizer respiratory medications in convenient, easy-to-use, unit dosages of their prescribed medications.

Four reasons why you want to use Pulmo-Dose for your inhaled respiratory medications delivered via nebulizer.

  • Pulmo-Dose unit dosage medications are prepared by pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, and are delivered in easy-to-open and easy-to-use individual vials. Each pre-measured dose is ready for your one-time use.
  • Pulmo-Dose provides fast, free delivery of your prescribed nebulizer medications. Your prescription is delivered directly to your home via UPS or USPS.
  • The Pulmo-Dose pharmacists are always available by telephone for prescription counseling and to answer questions about your unit dose medications.

For more information about nebulizer medications, call 800-326-7569.

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