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Rotech now accepts on-line payments, if you have a patient statement and are ready to make a payment, click here


If you are a Rotech location patient and have received a patient statement, you can call our Patient Accounts Department to make a payment, discuss payment arrangements or to answer questions about an account balance by calling 866-418-2772. Hours of operation are Mon-Thur 8am - 8pm EST, Fri 8am - 5pm EST, Sat 9am-12pm EST.

Rotech can accept payments with a personal or business check over the telephone. Have your check data (account number and bank information) available. Call 866-418-2772 and follow the telephone prompts to the checks by phone options.


Rotech can take a credit card payment for individual balances or can set up recurring payments for on-going rental balances. Call our Patient Account Department at 866-418-2772 to discuss this payment option. Have your patient statement and credit card information available when making the call.

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